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Chris B.

AEC Executive Advisor

Chris Bantner, Founder of Caliber Advisory Team, has over 30 years building the best in companies and its people. His executive-level experience and leadership has left a trail of notable successes on several levels, from large and complex projects, to mentoring small companies and helping them navigate the AEC waters.

He takes a balanced and purposeful approach to understanding his clients’ circumstances to take command of their future. Whether it’s prospecting, navigating relationships, salvaging troubled projects, or mitigating risk for win-win outcomes, Chris will work with you to help get you on track.

Chris helped Transform $130M in losses into a $200M gain for a $1.6B joint venture, returning division to profitability and vaulting revenue 148%. He helped lead a mid-to-large General Contractor’s operational growth from a modest 5% annual growth to over 20% within 2 years.

Chris’ company, Caliber Advisory Team, welcomes clients who are looking to grow, turn their path around, or simply want an advisory perspective to help map out their future goals with real-world openness.

Services include:

• Executive
• Succession
• Construction
• Operations
• Financial
• Strategic
• Pursuits
• Owner's Rep

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