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Industry Experience 

17 Years

Primary Expertise

Write to Influence

Communications, Writing / Editing, Public Relations, Website, Social Media, Digital Marketing

Qualified Skills

Corporate Communications

Content Marketing

Julie W.

AEC Communications Pro

Powerfully written AEC communications is an art as much as it is a science.

Julie Wanzer, LEED AP, founder of Business Rewritten, blends both facets thoughtfully and creatively into her work. She is a true technician of written communications and dives into the details and purpose of the client’s message prior to embarking on a new project. Moreover, she understands the importance of building a strong client-relationship before being entrusted with a client’s reputation. Simply stated - Julie is personable, professional, and principled in her process. She keeps an open mind, open ears, and an open dialogue to ensure she is asking the right questions to help make her clients shine.

It is no mystery why AEC firms and organizations regularly turn to her for her expertise in targeted writing and influential marketing communications strategies. She prides herself on her attention to details, and her reliability to her clients’ interests. Her portfolio of work includes AEC/CRE industry publications, ghost writing, marketing collateral and press releases.

Additional services offered:

• Professional Writing
• Social Media Management
• Website Development
• Content Creation
• Holistic marketing messaging
• Targeted relationship building

In her off time, Julie is a supporter of non-profits in the Denver community.

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