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Whether you're a professional freelancer, have a consultancy or creative craft business, run a full-blown agency - or perhaps you're just looking for a side-gig, our AEC clients are looking for you.

Did you know? The number of AEC firms looking for on-demand marketing services is on the rise.

This new way of doing business isn't expected to go away once we're out of the pandemic. The pressure for firms to respond rapidly may just be the perfect opportunity you're looking for. It may even lead to a new job entirely - or simply a new way of working on your terms - at your convenience.

At Muster Pointe, we're committed to actively looking for client relationships to fill to project funnel and help them win work. Clients that are stretched thin, want a fresh set of talent on short-term tasks, or need the strategic talent for key pursuits, will now have a way to tap into your AEC experience.


Perhaps they have a month's long project or temporarily need to cover vacations or a leave of absence, they don't have to overtax their existing staff to get the job done. It's your choice to work a few hours a week. Perhaps you're the '40+ hours a week' kind of a worker? Either way, as a contractor/consultant, it's ultimately up to you. 

So - whether you're promoting yourself or your firm, at Muster Pointe Marketing, we're here to find work for YOU and look for the best talent for the client!

Seeking interested individuals, specialty contractors and agencies for the following:

  • Marketing Coordinators - Jack/Jill of many trades and skills. You know InDesign like the back of your hand. 2-4 years of AEC experience.

  • Proposal & Interview Leads - 5+ years of AEC Proposal and Interview Leadership

  • Photographers - AEC Portfolio a must

  • Communications Leads 

  • Digital Marketers - SEO, Ad work and Lead Generation

  • Graphic Artist or Layout - AEC Portfolio a must

  • Copywriter or Editor (technical and non-technical)

  • Coach / Trainers / Management Consultants

  • Administrative AEC Assignments - Project Coordination, Data Entry, General Admin

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Interested in joining the Muster Pointe Marketing AEC Pro team?

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