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Industry Experience 


Primary Expertise

Reviewer / Editor

Proposals, Marketing

Qualified Skills

Proposal Manager

InterviewPrep, Write to Influence

InDesign, Word, Excel

Michelle B.

Proposal Editor / Project Support

Michelle Burghardt has over 14 years of experience working for one of Colorado’s largest general contractors. She played an integral role as editor to the majority of the company’s negotiated submittals from the marketing department.

Michelle has worked on various projects related to the marketing and business development functions necessary to support the continued growth of a $350M business pipeline in a very competitive environment for 14 years.

Her responsibilities have been incredibly varied, with ongoing broad programs related to event management and branding, strategy support for vertical market programs as well as pursuit of specific activities for the development of technical proposals and presentations across multiple industries. Michelle has always endeavored to provide stability and assistance to keep a team focused on a common goal, improve team performance and keep track of the details with her outstanding organizational skills.

She is well-versed in the RFQ/P process, and when she was not leading proposals directly, she would review and filter the departments’ drafts for clarity, compliance, and content. These reviews proved invaluable to the final product that left the door. Her efforts have contributed to over $500 million in wins in the past few years in her position as a senior marketer.

Her thoroughness and technical aptitude for editing was a great safe-guard against several near-misses of non-compliance, errors, and legal omissions.

Michelle’s additional strengths include:

• Organization, schedule, and process adherence
• Proposal and collateral editing
• Compliance
• Research
• Project Coordination and Administration
• Data management

When Michelle isn’t spending her time with her family and family’s newest addition, she likes to watch the Denver Nuggets, travel the globe, read, and famously play tournament disc golf.

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