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AEC Project and People

Photography, Marketing, Video

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Construction Progress, Headshots

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Event Photography

Photoshop, Premiere

Michelle M.

Professional AEC/R Photographer

Professional AEC Photographer, Michelle Meunier, captures both the big picture and elaborate details of commercial construction as it happens and finished architecture for clients nationwide. Her company, MKM Build Photography, is focused on photographic excellence for the construction, architecture, engineering, development, and real estate industries. As an architectural photographer with keen insight into the process of commercial construction, MKM Build blends nearly 15 years of architectural photography experience with a deep-seated appreciation for the intense complexity of commercial construction and development.

MKM Build Photography is based on a foundation of compelling compositional excellence combined with a rich appreciation for sharp, clear imagery, vivid true color, and subject enhancing lighting. Approaching construction photography as a multi-stage process, MKM Build understands that strong client communication before the shoot and meticulous attention to detail in post-production are essential to creating captivating photography that sells success in a deadline-driven industry.

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