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Tim R.

Software development and BIM solutions

Pencil 9 is a software development and solutions consulting company headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA. Our primary focus is increasing efficiency and quality through implementation of best practices, applying proven work processes and optimizing application configurations and software development. Our specialties are Systems Integration, Information Management and Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the AEC industry.

We bring over 50 years of combined knowledge to help our customers solve some of their biggest information management challenges ranging from remote and global worksharing solutions to application plug-ins to automate specific tasks and bespoke software development.

Services and Solutions include:

• Software development
• Remote and global work-sharing
• Standards management
• BIM execution planning
• Autodesk solutions
• Bentley solutions
• ProjectWise solutions

We enjoy working together as a team as much as we enjoy helping our clients discover innovative solutions to their challenges. The true value of Pencil 9 comes from combining our knowledge, ideas, experience, and collaborating to develop a solution for you.

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