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Talent Team FAQs

Q: I’ve submitted the “join the talent team” form - what now?

A: We will review your qualifications and invite candidates who either match the needs of immediate projects (or have offerings to market to clients for future ones), to a video interview, and, once qualified, added as Member to our Talent Team.

Q: Does that mean I got the job?

A: We’re getting there. Once you’ve been qualified under our vetting process, you’re ready to be marketed to our clients. You will be either notified by Muster Pointe or the Client. Additionally, we’re in the development phase to feature a “Project Board” on the website for you to respond directly to clients’ direct postings. We will notify members upon its launch.

Q: How much do I get paid?

A: As a consultant/contractor, you or your business are free to post or submit your desired contract rates (either by hour, average hourly, or a range). You may also add ‘tiered hourly contract rates’ to your profile. Project-specific quotes or fixed fees will typically be submitted for complex projects.

Muster Pointe Marketing, LLC deducts its Services Fee from payment to it makes directly to you. Currently, that’s 15% for Freelancers, and 10% for Creative Contractors (businesses such as photographers, modelers) and Agencies unless otherwise stated.

You keep 100% of incentive pay such as tips and bonuses.


Q: I’ve only got a couple of years of AEC experience, will that hurt my chances of getting into the Talent team or getting projects?

A: Absolutely not! Clients want varying levels of experience and talents.

Q: Who pays me and how soon?

A: Muster Pointe Marketing pays Freelancers within 5 business days of client sign-off. Creative Contractors and Agencies are scheduled to net 14 terms unless otherwise stated.

Q: Do I bid on Projects?

A: It depends. Clients may want a quote before initiating the contract as an hourly contract rate with provisions such Not to Exceed (NTE) values or may ask for a fixed-free contract. It’s ultimately up to you as the method you and the client agree upon. The client may also pay Muster Pointe Marketing to act as their representative to request quotes or proposals from the Talent Team.

Q: Can I work for Muster Pointe and other companies at the same time?

A: Absolutely. And, to be transparent, you are not an employee of Muster Pointe Marketing, LLC. We don’t supervise, direct, or control your work - so, any contracts that you may be under with other companies, it’s none of our business who you work for.

However, one notable comment, “Project Conduct” provisions fall under our MSA that essentially protects the client from collusive behavior on competitive projects such as RFQs/RFPs/Interviews by users of Muster Pointe Services.

Q: What if the client wants to hire me full-time as an employee?

A: That’s excellent. There will be no fee to you. We have a Permanent Placement Recruiter on our team.

What are the Muster Pointe Marketing ‘Services?’

A: We provide Platform services - that is to say, a way for matching People to Projects with the expectations of happiness for you and the client through the use of our Services. To do this, we designed a simpler way of marketing YOU and YOUR SERVICE OFFERINGS to our clients that covers some baseline means of contracting, billing and managing projects.  

The services YOU provide become project-specific contracts - which are addendums or statements of work to a Master Service Agreement (MSA). On projects Muster Pointe manages directly, or represents the client for services procurement, then we subcontract your services accordingly.

For Contractors and Agencies

Q: I’ve got my own business, what’s the benefit of using Muster Pointe Marketing if I can go out and get the work on my own … am I missing something?

A: The only thing you’re missing is a new way of showcasing your business to our clients and targeted prospects that doesn’t cost you anything - unless we land the contract.

Think of Muster Pointe Marketing as a commission-based extension of your Marketing/BD efforts.

Q: What about Client stealing? I don’t want you ‘client poaching.’

A: We’d be naive if we didn’t consider the realities of working in the same space – possibly offering similar services, working for, or pursuing work with the same client base. We have adopted some language in our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) working with other agencies to supplement our MSA.

In short, we want ethically and mutually beneficial partnerships that create fair and reciprocal incentives for each other to deliver the client the best in class services.

Q: 12.5% Service Fee? But I don’t need the contracts and platform services.

A: You will see that the 12.5% Service fee is a lower fee than for Freelancers. Contractors and Agencies get a slight reduction, typically as incentive for backlinking and mutual promotion of services. We also offer a 10% referral-only pass through option where Platform Services are forgone, and Muster Pointe only acts as a referring entity and invoices you, in good faith of the final contract value.  

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